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Sustainable housing on the border of Slovakia and Wallachia with a view of the White Carpathians.


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The history of Nezdenice stretches back far back in history

The first historical report about Nezdenice can be read from 1374 in the so-called Zemské desky, the local Roman Catholic parish is mentioned from 1392.. 

Today, Nezdenice is a municipality of approximately 760 inhabitants. In the 14th and 15th centuries this place consisted of 7 fortresses and courts - the so-called freeholds. At that time, small nobility could acquire the leen as a hereditary usufruct from the monarch or the Bishop of Olomouc. In return, they had to exercise guard duty in the borderlands and defend the border regions. 

And which are the original fortresses? Four of them have survived and can be found at Křivoklát 41, Tučňovská tvrz 35 and Šimonovská tvrz 33 and 46. Nezdenice suffered from enemy invasions. Raids by the robbers of the Hungarian nobleman Podmanický in the 16th century were frequent, and a century later Nezdenice faced invasions by the Bočkajs or Turkish troops. 

 The chateau, farm, inn or brewery in Nezdenice was established in the 17th century, when the family of the Lords of Marsinay took over this place. He rebuilt one of the fortresses as his residence, the other six fortresses took the form of manor houses, buildings and the above-mentioned brewery. and the inn.