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Modern living with the hallmark of sustainability


We prefer to count the number of trees,
that we plant in the project

We build for the best feeling of man and country. We select and design projects as if our clients were not only people, but also nature. We adapt the buildings to the location. Construction and greenery find a common harmony under our hands. We complement the modern interior with a lively exterior that breathes with trees, shrubs and grassy areas.

Whether you choose to live in a brick home or a wood-frame home, you'll find the right balance between modern technology and sustainability with DR Development.

Find the right

Ideal location for your living

Allow yourself to live in the heart of Moravian nature. You can see the hills of the White Carpathians, the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains or the ridges of the Jeseníky Mountains. We carefully choose the places for the implementation of projects. We rely on the preservation of natural resources and equally return to the landscape what we take from it. Which of our buildings will appeal to you the most?





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