Viladům Růžová

Three extremely spacious apartments are now waiting for their owners in Viladom Růžová. This quiet living almost in the center of Velká Bíteš is already looking for its interested parties.


Apartment on the 1st floor

The first apartment is located on the 1st floor of the house and extends over 94 m2. The kitchen is connected to the living room by French doors. And from spring to autumn you will undoubtedly spend your days in the private garden, which is 46 m2 adjacent to the living room and belongs entirely to the residents of this apartment.

Price: 7 150 000 Kč


Apartment on the 2nd floor

The second apartment of 76 m2 is located on the 2nd floor and the layout is designed as 3 + kk. One of the bedrooms has an extra door leading to the balcony. Sitting in the fresh air and summer barbecues can be enjoyed in privacy on the spacious terrace.

Price: 6 550 000 Kč


Apartment on the 3rd floor

The third apartment on the last, third, floor is 94 m2. The loft space adds to the personality of the living space. From the hallway you pass into two bedrooms and an airy living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a separate toilet.

Price: 6 500 000 Kč

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What else you should know

Part of the villa is one garage of 20 m2, which we offer for sale to any apartment.

Price of the garage: 500 000 Kč

Each of the apartments also has a small storage space on the ground floor of the villa. The villa is connected to all utility networks, while each apartment unit is equipped with meters for the supplied energy and utilities. All residential units are equipped with a separate combined gas boiler providing both heating and hot water.

The priority of the assignment was to create a pleasant environment of the villa and individual apartments with a high standard of offered spaces and details. The emphasis is on individuality in the layout, a sense of independence, intimacy and maximum privacy in each of the apartments. With these attributes and other design parameters, the standard of living in a viladom deliberately approaches that of a family house.

What the surroundings look like